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Got Water in Your Basement in Alexandria, VA?

If you have water damage in your basement, then you've got some real problems on your hands. But why should you invest in a flooded basement cleanup?
Water damage is not just about aesthetics, because a flooded basement can cause real health problems.

The Problem with Wet Basements

First of all, a wet basement is a breeding ground for mold, which will require a thorough mold remediation process. The excess moisture paired with poor ventilation will cause the growth of large mold colonies. Mold can aggravate your airways, harming your respiratory system. It can become such a problem that only a basement flooding clean up service with experience can remediate the health hazard.

Bacteria also thrives in damp basements because the conditions are perfect for it. Bacteria in the air once breathed in can cause nasty infections that can be hard to get rid of. The problem with bacteria is that once you think you are getting better you can get sick all over again as the root cause is still there in your wet basement.

Apart from health concerns, getting a wet basement cleanup will save your material possessions for future storage. Moisture can rot and destroy stored items in a basement and that's exactly what most of use basements for, safe storage! Our basement cleanup services can make the area as dry as a bone for storing all your stuff again.

How will Flood Damage Pro - Alexandria remove water from your basement?

First off, our crew will engage in basement water remediation. They will identify the source of the water, the extent of the damage and if there is mold to be removed. An inspection is thorough and our employees are trained to notice every little detail. We can't tell you enough how important the basement flood remediation phase is. The flood source is carefully considered. If the flooding is not the cause of a natural disaster, we search for the leak until we find it. If there is a leak or burst pipe we have staff who can fix it in no time and stop the flow.

After our teams have performed the inspection they can then get down to business and start the removal of water. The flooded area is drained using high capacity pumps. Mold is then removed from floors and walls. The affected areas are cleaned of mold and bacteria using specialist chemicals that will cleanse and disinfect anything they touch. The chemicals are strong and effective but they must be used by people who know what they are doing and are teams are trained on how to handle them all properly. The whole area is scrubbed until it is pristine clean.

After Water Removal - Cleanup, Drying, Etc

Dealing with a flooded basement is hard work, after that it's time for some TLC with a flooded basement damage restoration process. Part of the service is making your basement fit for use again. Our crew doesn't just drain your basement and remove mold - we do much more than that. We leave it all like it was before the flood damage. We clean up any debris from before the flood and any mess caused during the water and mold removal process. Drying is very important, as all of the dampness and moisture needs to be removed. We use special equipment to dry out your basement. We are precise with drying though, and we take care to return the ambient humidity of your basement to acceptable levels.

Mitigation is the next phase and we pride ourselves on it. The service we provide goes beyond cleanup we want to make your life easier and not have your basement and possessions in it destroyed by floods. We will take steps to make sure the damage won't return and be as bad as before. Safeguards and preparations are performed to make your basement more resistant to the effects of water damage. We will give you the benefit of our expert knowledge and advice on how to minimize future floods in your basement and lessen the damage.

Why Choose Us?

We are based in Alexandria VA. We service all the neighborhoods in the area, so when you choose us, you get a tailored friendly service that's local. Water in basement cleanups caused by flooding is our specialty. Our prices are competitive and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised with our prices. We are one of the most experienced basement cleanup service providers in the country. Our employees are trained to the highest standard. They have the expertise from the beginning to the end of treating flooded basements. We are experts at basement flood, remediation, removal, restoration and mitigation. That's why you should choose us. From start to finish, we'll make your basement useful again.

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