Step By Step Guide for Water Damage RestorationStep By Step Guide for Water Damage Restoration
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Step-by-Step Guide to Water Damage Restoration

When you live in Alexandria, VA and are going through a house flooding, you know that you will proceed a little differently. After all, flood damage in a place where it's already humid can pose a challenge. In fact, Virginia gets five more inches of rain per year than the US average. The following is a checklist that has the steps you will need to take for flood damage and water damage restoration in Alexandria, VA.

Make an Inspection Appointment

First things first, you will need to call a professional. They will perform an inspection that will help you with the steps you need to go through. You'll need to act fast on this one because the longer you wait, the higher the chances that bacteria and mold will set in. This is the first step in water damage restoration.

Take Special Note of Health Hazards

The second thing you need to do with flood damage is to know what poses a health hazard. If there is sewage cleanup to be done in the bathroom, then this will need to happen pronto. This type of waste is toxic to health. Also, the climate in Alexandria, VA will only make this worse. You don't want bacteria to grow in the hot, humid conditions.

Schedule Water and Waste Removal

One of the main priorities is to remove the water and then the waste. You will need to get a professional to come with their equipment. Once this is done, they may leave equipment that further helps with the drying, like industrial fans.

Make a List of What Needs Fixing

You need to survey what will need to be replaced after all the water and sewage is removed. A lot of what you need to get rid of will have been listed in the inspection. Your clothes and drapes could be completely ruined, so be prepared to get rid of these if necessary. You can't move wet bedding and clothes anyway as they are very heavy and quite dirty. If you have some dry clothes, you might be able to rescue these if you act right away.

Replace Home Materials

Your inspection will tell you how much of the interior of the home is damaged. You will have walls and floors that will likely need to be gutted. You want to rely on the professionals to tell you this. There is nothing worse than mold in the drywall that becomes toxic later. Also, you will need to get the heating system inspected. It might need to be replaced as the piping could be compromised. Also, the ducts might be clogged with debris.

Water Damage Restoration

When the water damage restoration specialists get to work, you can relax. Your property is in excellent hands, and by choosing Flood Damage Pro, you have done the best you can for your home.


When it comes to water damage restoration, it may take a while before everything is completed. However, you can be sure that you are going to be healthier later if you get it done the right way, and you can be confident in the work done by experienced water damage experts.

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