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Mold Remediation Company in Alexandria VA

We are a company that provides water cleanup and mold restoration services in Alexandria and its environs. Our goal is to provide high-quality services to ensure that you stay in a mold-free living space that will give you peace of mind and good health. Our experts have the skills needed in remediation processes, and we also utilize state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee you the best results.

About the city

Alexandria, Virginia, is an independent City along the Potomac River, approximately 7 miles south of Washington DC. The city is known for the Old Town, whose sidewalks are constructed with bricks, and 18th and 19th-century buildings as well that are well-preserved.

With features like Potomac River, Cameron Run Park, and several others that have water, there is much moisture in the area to facilitate the growth of mold on different surfaces in your home. Besides, summers, in Alexandria are hot and muggy, which further increases the chances of mold growth.

What's more? Virginia gets an average of 43 inches of rain whereas the US average is 38 inches. With so much moisture in the area, the probability of black mold growth can only increase, making remediation a necessity.

How we remove mold in your home

As a company with experts who've been carefully trained and have the required experience for any mold remediation process, you can be confident that we give the best results. Most of all, we exercise much caution while caring for your belongings to protect them from exposure during the mold remediation process in your Alexandria, Md home.

We use a clear process for mold remediation in your home to ensure that black mold becomes a thing of the past. Here's what we do during the remediation process:

  1. Identify moisture source
    Mostly, black mold will grow on damp surfaces, which means that there has to be a source of moisture which encourages wetness of the surface. Starting a mold remediation process without addressing the underlying issue is a waste of time, energy, and time.
  2. Assessing affected areas
    Of course, some areas will remain unaffected even as some are choking from exposure. That's why it's imperative to assess the affected areas so that we can plan a proper remediation process for your Alexandria home.
  3. Mold containment
    To avoid contaminating other unaffected areas of your home or commercial building in Alexandria, we use different containment techniques. That way, mold spores cannot move to other rooms.
  4. Air filtration
    Since mold spores can spread through the air quite easily, we filter the air so that these microscopic substances won't find their way into unaffected rooms.
  5. Removing mold and affected materials
    This remediation stage involves using the right process and equipment to eliminate the existing mold colonies and discouraging new ones from forming. The porous mold-infested materials also have to be removed and carefully disposed of. Non-porous ones, on the other hand, are carefully handled and stored for later restoration.
  6. Caring for your belongings
    At this stage, we are ready to start cleaning and restoring the affected materials so that they'll even be free of odor.
  7. Restoration
    Depending on the severity of damage by black mold, your Alexandria home may need some minor repairs and other restoration services which we shall gladly offer.

Current humidity level on in Alexandria VA

Disadvantages of mold and how to prevent it

Mold is so common and has been around for a considerable amount of time now. With a high quantity of mold spores on different surfaces and in the air, complete elimination is generally impossible. That's bad news, considering that black mold has lots of bad effects on your Alexandria home and health as well.

Mycotoxins produced by some species of mold are the worst culprits that can cause serious symptoms such as headaches, nosebleeds, breathing difficulties, and others. Depending on the type of exposure, health issues can also become quite severe, and can even be life-threatening.

When spores find their way into your Alexandria, VA home, damp surfaces are at a high risk of exposure. One significant disadvantage of black mold in your home is that it can cause much irreversible damage to your belongings. As such, you need to prevent the growth of mold in your home by:

  1. Controlling moisture levels in your house
  2. Fixing water leaks as soon as you can
  3. Ensuring that rooms where a lot of water is used are well-ventilated
  4. Cleaning and drying thoroughly after flooding

In some cases, you might want to tackle mold remediation without any external help. Should you decide to remove black mold from your Alexandria home, by yourself don't mix bleach with ammonia during the remediation process. Doing so can produce toxic fumes, and that's not a good thing for your health.

Why you should consider hiring us

The internet seems to have a solution to all your problems these days, but one thing that you're not told is that some jobs need professional intervention. Mold remediation is a delicate task that can have devastating results if the wrong restoration process is applied.

We protect you from such situations by offering high-quality remediation services geared towards ensuring that the mold levels in your home reduce to the lowest level possible. Besides, we are certified and insured, which assures you protection from any mishaps.

The time to act is now

We have what it takes to ensure that your Alexandria, Maryland home remains the haven it has been for years, and we even try to make it better and healthier for you. We believe that you deserve a perfect living space, so we do our best to guarantee that. Don't let mold ruin your home as you watch; Contact us today for the best mold remediation deal and let us eliminate that problem for you.

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